This year has been a challenging one for me, not just academically but creatively too. Coming into this year I came from a different course, where we were told to think editorially and commercially; this course was all about ‘the concept’. Our course was transferred over from a different campus in Dunstable, where we were learning about Commercial and Editorial photography. This course was not just about the concept, but it also had to have an art-based background.

The only problem with being transferred over to a completely different course was the fact we quickly had to change our way of thinking, and moreover the way we approached everything. I really struggled to come to grips with what the course was requiring of me, trying to find my artistic voice inside of my commercial voice; it was an interesting new challenge.

I felt quite lost as Art is not my strong suit and seems quite an alien concept to me; but excited at the same time. This is because it was a challenge in many ways, and I find the opportunity of over-coming obstacles in unexpected ways exhilarating.

From the beginning of the course I was raring to go, and was eager to show them my vision of what I thought Art and Fashion was. I had decided that this was something I was going to do, when the course was described to us earlier in the previous year. I felt that this was a conversation I could have with an audience and deliver a strong opinion about Art in Fashion.

What I struggled with most was finding how I wanted the pictures to look.

I first started with video as I thought this would be the more fun way of showing art and fashion. However, what I wanted to portray wasn’t coming across through the end result – partly because the concept was great but seemed like I was moving away from what I originally wanted to do, and it also seemed to be too much set in fashion business and not showing it to be art.

I had to change tactics, so I went back to taking still photographs, so I just had to shoot something so I could see where I was going with this years work in an effort to find inspiration. This showed me how I could easily visualise my voice about the fashion world, showing them I had something to say about fashion today.

After going to an Alexander McQueen exhibition, especially with my concept about the fashion image. The most inspirational thing to me was that he took art and made fashion out of it, which was ahead of his time. Something that he had such conviction in that the world embraced, adored and applauded. I began to look for a shooting location and I ordered my portfolio for the final submission, I was more excited about the work I was going to produce for the end of year. I think at this point I finally stuck to my guns, I wanted to shoot in a way I saw it but from an informed perceptive, I haven’t felt that way all year in a long time. I found my inspiration to shoot again.

In the end I pulled it together and I feel the final result is what I wanted. I’m really happy with what it looks like and I feel it has my voice as well as having a message about today’s society. Which I feel is that we need to be able to do every job especially when it comes to fashion, there’s always people who have all their titles in one.
I think if I was to do a project like this again, I could probably do something completely crazy. I think I got way too in my own head and allowed myself to be distracted by my own perceptions of the world of fashion, however saying that I feel that my determination over road any fears I had about it being too fashion and not enough art. I feel this project has my integrity just left with the right touches of art within.


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