In my endeavours to find other artists who also emulate this kind of fashion self portrait, where they are playing different characters. This biggest one that came to my mind was Mr Warhol, it seems he used self portraiture a lot in his work, using himself as a canvas, as lots of artists did. Of course we all know his famous pieces of work that came from his experiments with photography, leading him into the pop culture era. Of course now looking at this work people would say its vintage or dated, depending what they’re looking into. Warhol was known for using Polaroid to take his images, which is now a de-funked way of making imagery as technology has moved on. This work relates so well to mine as Warhol always believed the characters he was portraying, he loved his art and was always involved in someway. In this respect I’m getting involved with my work, by portraying all these characters, also an homage to what Warhol did all those years ago. The different of course between mine and his work is that I will be using a digital camera and photoshop to create the final look, Warhol was known for not using any enhancements in his work, he used different formats to get his effects.


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