After showing the class my two test shot of my initial fmp ideas, the first image of me playing the super model didn’t seem to go down a storm. It was said that it looked too much like a selfie, instead of a personality shot. Their advise was to reshoot in a gorgeous dress and amp up the personality of the pictures, rather then what I’d presented.
In the second shot was more of a success, where I was playing the stylist in the shoot. I was sure about how blurry the picture was as I’m used to a set way if shooting, which is controlled. However the image looked more like an action shot of being busy, which added to the effect of the personality. Which I was happy about, in my mind the image is a success, however in my finals I think I’m going take on their advice.

In the group advice for the final shots of my personality, the group advised the photographs to have more intention. For example doing some shots that included an element from that job whether it be model, stylist, photographer etc. I have been given an artist to look into that incorporates a studio set into her images, which will serve as inspiration for my own ideas about how to go about this.


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