Having my 1:1 tutorial today to understand where to go, how to go there and how quickly I need to arrive there. It was definitely a wake up call, I need to cement my idea firmly now. In my 1:1 it was suggest to me that I source props, create characters and use profile shots. I need to also decide are the characters going to be all male, female or just simple me trying to play these roles.
Maybe a test shot of all the characters in two weeks? I will see whats possible when I come up with Character

Another idea is to strengthen the shots, as if the characters are at event/shoot. Almost like creating a scenario with pictures of who’d where during that time, but we shall see about time and scale. I also need to think about what I want the project to say, is it a comment, is it just character playing or just portrait style pictures.

I think what I’m going to try and do first is create Character development, this may help me in the lead up to finding props and creating the image first. That way when it comes to the final shoots, they have impact and intention rather then just haphazardly happening.


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