Thinking about this idea of the self, I was wondering where to go next. After tutors advise of just shooting something to try and inspire an idea, that is what I did. I got my hands on some lipstick and applied, i then chose
a blank well and made sure I was topless. This way I could be a blank canvas and it could give me ideas of how to dress, or exaggerate the picture event more. I took a few pictures, and they didn’t look too bad. I wasn’t sure whether to go full drag, more comic or androgynous.
IMG_0003This is shot I went with in the end, Im not sure how I feel about it. As a test idea, I think its going in the right direction. What I need to think about now is how to push it even further, what am I trying to say?
I think it would be best to try a different idea, that I have in head, then I can organise a photo-shoot with
make-up artists. Still figuring out how to make them into moving shots or how to make that happen.
Hopefully I will figure it out, maybe in the clothes I wear, or smoking a cigarette?


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