So I decided to go forward with my second idea, based on the feedback from the tutors. This concept of being all the people it takes to make one image, and myself be all these people. In this shot, Im playing the stylist, I feel this idea was more successful then the first one. Of course it still needs to be done on a bigger scale, as a starting point, I think its great for that. I shot it in black and white, which I kind of like, wondering if I should have the series in a collection of colour and black and white. 

IMG_0010I used  some elements from London’s Fashion Week to over emphasis on it, however I feel like it may need to go a step further. Im starting to wonder how to make that happen, or where to begin. I think the next best plan of action for me would be to organise a shoot in the studio, working with the make-up students. See what crazy personalities we can create, then I can fully decide on whether this idea is working or not.


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