I have been researching into how I could create these images with ease, whilst hunting out
an companies that may do it. I came across a company who have made a programme
that can help you make the images come alive. Saves me time and money paying them,
I just pay for the programme. The company is called Flixel Photos, which has been seen on TV with America’s next top model. So we know its at the standards required by the fashion world, I am going to see how it is done
and what I need to do to make the photo come alive.

Flixel Photos can transform the way brands promote their products through creative storytelling. With Flixel images, a hint of motion brings breakfast to life as bacon sizzles away and steam endlessly rises from a cup of coffee.

Done right, Cinemagraph pictures have an undeniably mesmerizing quality. Flixel Photos’ unparalleled level of experience in this new medium can take any campaign to the next level.  Photography has always evolved along with advancements in technology. From plates to film, from black & white to color, from analog to digital and now from still to motion. Living Photos evolve the art of photography by adding a seamless element of motion. The effect is simply mesmerizing. Create your own living photos with Cinemagraph Pro for Mac.


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