nl_seniors26Nikki S Lee is a Korean American artist and filmmaker based in New York City. Her work became noticed because she would integrate into a certain kind of group, dress like them, friend them and then get some to take a picture. After that was done, she would move onto the next group of people, and so the cycle continued. Her work shows how cliques in society work and exposes them for what they are, not only that she abuses the trust of these people by exposing her lie.
tumblr_ks3q5vsF5U1qz880go1_1280 IMG_20100920_114918I do find her work very interesting, it makes a comment about stereotypes in society and exposes them. I also like the idea that she takes on these different personas, like she’s trying to find where she belongs. Fitting in with my idea of identity crisis of ‘Who Am I’, she poses to be the perfect photographer to be inspired by. Even though I do have a long time on this project, I don’t believe I have her time scale to pull something like this off in this way. Not only that but the costs that would occur too, it would not seem feasible with money and time restraints.
As a point of call for inspiration then this would be perfect, I can take the elements of searching for identity and try and create it in a new way.


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