1616527_10153829483375651_758787686_nWe all had a 1:1 as a group, letting everyone know what we wanted to do for FMP. After trying to explain my idea of what I wanted to do, I was asked to look into character development. Making sure each character stood out on its own, almost comic like. I want to create more of an Homage to fashion than anything else, I’m too close to the subject to think any other way.
They suggested I look at Nikki S Lee who was famous for integrating herself into a group of people and taking a photography with them, this way she looked like she belonged. Trying to find a strong meaning is difficult in the fashion world, I like the idea of “Who Am I” and I might play with that more then anything.
I was also advised to look into Vivienne Westwood as a character, as they thought Id easy enough impersonate her. Think more of the concept of how many people does it take to make a Photograph, finding something political to say about it all.

As this is the beginning of the project, I will look at the artists that have been recommended to me and make an action plan from there. I will need to try and write out some form of timed schedule, this will allow time for re-shoots or if the ideas not working a change in direction. I will also try to find books that I can read or use within the project to help guide me through, finding quotes might give me inspiration.


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