Artist Statement

I am a fashion photographer that focuses on fantasy and illusion, I create images that create a sense of escapism and try to be original as possible. I have used different media types to show this which are; Film, Digital and Video, I believe using different kinds of media give off different interpretations to your work. My main inspiration for my work is clothing and women, I think there are so many creative stories you can create with clothes and locations, I use both studio and location settings in my work. I see lots of ways of expressing myself thats why I have used different media formats in my work, fashion is more then just about a good image, its a movement of expression and style. I have done a lot of writing for fashion expressing style, movements and trends, I believe this is another creative outlet of mine which helps me understand my subject even more. My aspiration is to use my skills to create aspiring images that are both impactful and meaningful at the same time, I believe fashion is transcendent and accessible.


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