Edward William Godwin was a progressive English architect-designer, who began his career working in the strongly polychromatic “Ruskinian Gothic” style of mid-Victorian Britain, inspired by The Stones of Venice, then moved on to provide designs in the “Anglo-Japanese taste” of the Aesthetic Movement and Whistler’s circle in the 1870s. Godwin’s influence can be detected in the Arts and Crafts Movement.

2006AJ3691 4058974725_030efbb63e godwin_vases.1000

‘an almost missionary project.. to initiate a renaissance that should commend itself artistically to leaders of art and fashion… the introduction of the new department had been easier because from the earliest days of the Firm, garments of the east had formed part of the stock.. such as Japanese kimonos and.. Japanese embroidered coats.. and soon it became very much the mode amongst artistic people and their imitators to wear a ‘Liberty’ gown at any special function – such was, in face, recognisable at a glance.’

In my opinion it seems that Mr Godwin did have a big influence in the art world when it came to the aesthetic period, you can see in his designs the beauty of it. Its obvious to me that he inspired a lot of architects and designers during these periods and it seems that art became more of a commodity.


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