Liberty & Co. initially provided an eclectic mix of popular styles, but went on to develop a fundamentally different style closely linked to the Aesthetic Movement of the 1890s, Art Nouveau. The company became synonymous with this new style to the extent that inItaly, Art Nouveau became known as Stile Liberty after the London shop. The company’s printed and dyed fabrics, particularly silks and satins, were notable for their subtle and “artistic” colours and highly esteemed as dress material, especially during the decades from 1890 to 1920.

‘Famous artists got the idea that I took a real interest in what we sold and my knowledge and appreciation for art were extended by prolonged visits to their studios, where I was always made feel welcome. The soft, delicate coloured fabrics of the East particularly attracted these artists because they could get nothing of European make that would drape properly and which was of sufficiently well-balanced colouring to satisfy the eye.’

This is the perfect link between art and fashion for me, it shows me that people understood and knew the importance of the two together. A store recognising the arts and fashion during a new movement made them world famous, leading the way for fashion retail. I can use this information I’ve found in my rationale to talk about the hybrid between art and fashion, how it seems to merge and be one in this sense. I will be able to use the quote as reference and information about the store to back-up my claims.


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