George Du Maurier,was a french born british cartoonist, he depicted the aesthetics area of art and fashion, you can quite clearly see it in his drawing how the face of art and fashion was beginning to change.
Men seem to be more refined in their dress sense and women wore dresses that seem to look more sexier because of their nature of flow. You can see this because Oscar Wilde was one of the people to follow the aesthetic trend, as a writer and a gay man.

Its interesting to me how this kind of style is still around in the 21st century, it seems as though, some styles truly have never faded. This tells me that the world of art and fashion still revolve around it routes and how it changes, sometimes doing its own retrospective.
The end of Dada and the beginning of a new era for men and women in terms of fashion lifestyle and art, they seem to begging to support each other.


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