After doing this research on early century Art and Fashion, in the end I did research everyone, after taking a look at their work it didn’t seem relevant to my work or essay. The artists and fashion society people I did research helped me understand a bit more about the relationship between the art world and the fashion world, this helps me understand how the two link together.

Going forward I’m going to continue to look through history of Art and Fashion to understand how the relationships have evolved into todays society and what that means now. I’m hoping this research will help me argue for and against my own question, whilst keeping my view of the fashion world open.
In my next section of research I’m going look at Romanticism and the influential people during that period of time, including artists, society people and rising powers after the revolution. This continuation will help me understand how the art world and fashion world began to morph and change after the power shift, it can begin to explain more of my question.


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