boucher-mme.depomp. Charles_André_Van_Loo_-_Madame_de_Pompadour_en_belle_jardinière_-_v.1754-1755 163233951-5022024_0x420

Madame de Pompadour was infamous in the fashion society of her time, she was King Louis VX mistress, she had the means and access to some of the most influential people. She commissioned a lot of artistry work, during her reign in the fashion society, she was the most respected for forward thinking. She got a lot of painters to capture her extravagant outfits, as well as having access to the finest ateliers of the time.
In terms of today, she would be considered High Society and have connections in the royal family, lots of press attention. As well as being dubbed a fashion icon in todays 21st digital age, she has been featured in Vogue Italia, which shows her influence with fashion as well as art.

When you look at her paintings they almost have that photographic feeling to them, which of course emphasis the talents of the artists she commissioned. In that term you could analyse it like a Fashion image, even though its considered fine art. In terms of Art and Fashion this is the perfect definition, the mix of Art and Fashion in one and how each compliment each other.


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