bouche21 Boucher_par_Gustav_Lundberg_1741 Fran_ois_Boucher

Francois Bouche famous french painter of the Rocco style, his work became noticed because of his commissions of wealthy fashion socialites of the french. He became known for his famous paintings of Madame de Pompadour, which have become of importance. Looking through his work you can see the telling of a story through fashions of the time, also things that have become inspirations.

Looking at his painting of the naked women, you can almost see them as fashion campaigns of the 21st century, maybe that because fashion takes from art history. However you could easily argue that fashion was almost as important as art during this period of time, it established who you were and what your titles was. Also not forgetting that only the really rich could afford to have their picture painted, which shows that the people painted where society figures during their lifetime.


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