The_bather,_by_Vigée-Lebrun,_1792 Louise-Elisabeth_Vigée-Lebrun_-_La_duchesse_de_Berry_en_robe_de_velours_bleu MA-9.Portrait-of-Marie-Antoinette-XX-Elisabeth-Louise-Vigee-Lebrun

Vigee Le Brun an infamous french painter, commissioned to capture fashion of the time, she even painted Marie Antoinette. Her working during this period of transition of Rocco to Neo-Classicism was important and influential, capturing the rich and powerful. This work was all commissioned before the French Revolution, way before the royalty were killed and their influence stopped.

Again with this painters work we can see a lot of fashion portraits that seem venerable and whimsical too, again we see this inspiration from the past brought forward. You could agree the fashion world pulls from the art world and tries to imagine it in a new context, making their work more ground breaking. During this period of time we begin to see style to change and in fashion too, it seems that during this period of time they followed each other quite religiously.

“Perhaps more than any single individual in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, Vigee Le Brun influenced the development of women’s costume. She helped to popularise a more natural look by introducing into her portraiture light-weight gowns. As opposed to the corseted and bulky “robes a la francise” which had long been in Vogue. She also spurned the great masses of ornately dressed and powdered hair women were forced to endure for the sake of being fashionable.” – Art And Fashion, DR Alice Mackrell.


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