catwalk_yourself.charlesfrederickworth tumblr_mavj5xYwr81rha8wjo1_5001 h2_C.I.49.3.25a,b worth1885jq0

Charles Frederick Worth was considered the father of Haute Couture in England, he was a designer of the 19th Century. All of his works were produced in France, Paris, making his name in drapery.

You can see a lot of his fashions used in art of the time, not only that but Charles saw his creations as piece of art, which could be the first used term on Fashion is Art. You can even see his influence in major films, such as Disney’s Cinderella and the ugly step sisters.
He’s even noted for Court Presentation Dresses, which is a major societal event, Presentation at court was an important milestone in the life of a young woman, marking her emergence into the adult world and providing her with a passport to the most exclusive social circles–-and the chance of getting a rich husband. It is thought that Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, was the first queen to have young ladies presented to her at drawing rooms as an acknowledgment of their ‘coming out’ in society. From 1837 these young girls were known as debutantes.


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