Second day researching for my essay, I came across the ‘Art and Fashion’ book by DR Alice Mackrell, which takes us through the historical contexts of Art on Fashion and Fashion on Art. Exploring its impact on our cultural history and how periods were changed by important social figures of history, so far its been an amazing read, lots of artists to research. I can even see in the Rocco and Neo-Classicism period of Art that fashion had a huge influence in society, it seems artists were leading the way in paintings and garments. This part of history shows European influences at its highest, influencing English fashion and art.

I’m going to look at Madame de Pompadour,  François Bouche, Hubert-Francois Gravelot, William Hogarth and Elisabeth-Louise Vigee Le Brun, these people seemed the most influential of the time. Not only that but they seemed to be the artists who had the biggest impacts within Fashion and Art as well as Art in Fashion. These artists will give me information to use for and against my proposed question of my essay, using history will allow me to show people my understand and research of context.


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