I looked at Elsa Schiaparelli with Salvador Dali and their collaborations, Elsa was a infamous italian designer well known her creations. In the art world Salvador Dali made his name as a surrealist artist, which inspired lots of movies and cultural movements. Finding two different artists who work together is always hard to find from cross disciplines, so its always great to see it in such early design work as this.

As you can see from the garments I have chosen, they have an artistic context but with the aesthetics of fashion, which a lot of people argue is missed in todays society.  In the famous skeleton dress, you can see the comment they are making about the fashion industry, maybe it was different back then but in todays new context its very fitting.


The other artist Elsa Schiaperelli worked with was french poet Jean Cocteau, you can really see the beauty in these clothes, like they are telling a story. These clothes were considered Haute Couture making them Avant Guarde of their time, this sense of poetry in motion. Using the elements of perception to trick the brain into thinking its a vase and two people kissing, very clever, then using the roses to make it obvious its a vase.

For me this definitely one of the first signs of artists working together to create interesting, intellectual work that is also sellable. it shows us that there was once a time where artists relied upon one another to create stunning pieces of work that would have people talking, my question is has it changed? I’m hoping my research of trying to understand Art in Fashion, I uncover a truth about it all.


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