“All women Futurists rejected simple imitation of their male counterparts….This is so evident in Italian futurism, that its entire history should be re-examined in the light of the works created by the female contingent.”

Source – http://forumonpublicpolicy.com/spring2010.vol2010/spring2010archive/tesho.pdf

The idea of Futurist women was supposed to reject what society expected of them in the traditional ways and embraced the new technologies. They participated in the dance, music, art, poetry and cinema, they used these platforms to express their free spirits.
Also it is reported that futurist women focused on Art that was of the time and integrated it into fashion, during the 1920’s its was the ‘Art Deco’ movement and the idea of mosiacs creating interesting art. Soon sketches of women in clothing that was blocked and seemed ‘Avant Guarde’ of its time stated to appear, is this the first time of borrowing from the art world to create something new.



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