I showed everyone my video of Kaleidoscopic Fashion, I was rather nervous for everyone to see it, although after showing it, I got quite a positive review of the video. Everyone was tarn back by the strobe effect on the video and then I was asked why I chose the Kaleidoscope effect, which of course my answer was simple. I liked the effect and the concept of it was creating two versions of me, almost like a clone and that kind of concept.

My tutors said it was a huge improvement from my first video I showed, they stated it seemed that I arrived at my decision quite in-distinctively. Of course the helped me see an alternative perspective version of my video, which is always great to get, because sometimes you don’t see it till someone else points it out. They liked the idea of ‘The Fossy Show’ or branding myself in this way that celebrities do and fashion has a habit of doing to people, just to keep going in that way.
They also stated it seemed like the idea was still in hibernation and needed more research and experimentation to get it perfect, which of course I agreed. As a sketch version of what I wanted to create for my FMP, they thought it could be a really good project, obviously didn’t want to tell me where to go and what to do.

A few of their ideas I did like which was like how I could be everything, the model, the photographer, the director, all of these people. I also liked the idea that I could be the girl, the man and then the new model thats the in between. I have yet to figure out how I will portray that in a conceptual way but it will come to me.


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