Art in Fashion
For my final major project this year, I want to look at how Art and Fashion collide together. I am going to research photographic artists, popular music artists as well as performance artists; this will help me understand this new hybrid that seems to be forming in our culture today. We are constantly under the influence of the media and of course the culture of celebrity, as they try and define what is art, fashion and popular. More and more artists are trying to take from the art world as some would see to make their work more ‘credible’, therefore more valuable. I intend to look at how fashion has taken from art and re-invented it in the ways of commercial saleability to the rather just a conceptual idea. As well as how art takes from fashion, in the ways of creating something that looks aesthetically pleasing and fashionable of that period in time.
Visually I intend to explore the relationship between art and fashion as well as fashion as art, this will give me a wider scope to work with and understand the relationships of borrowing. In my research I intend to work with other artists as well as independently to create my final pieces of work, which can support my idea of collaborative art. My proposed project fits into the wider scheme of art, as it is very contemporary of this period in time. As artists we are seeking for new ways to express ourselves whether its through technology, painting or drawing, being contemporary is something the 21st century demands.

My audience for the work I am about to embark upon is in the art or fashion world, it will be mixing the two mediums together to create a piece of art & fashion work. In order to back my findings I will look extensively into Photography, Fashion and Art Books, Magazines and online work to help me gain knowledge and inspiration. Looking into books will help me understand the evolution of art and photography, as well as the evolution between the relationship of Fashion and Art. Other formats such as magazines and online digital work will help me explore the idea of what is trending in the art world, understanding what is popular is important to drive my work. Using credible and reliable sources

I will begin to generate my visual ideas by recording them on my online blog; this will help me keep track of all my ideas and thoughts throughout the project. After shooting the idea and editing what my initial idea was this would help me further develop the idea and continue to evolve as I create my project. Acquiring new knowledge from other artists or peer critic will help me understand how to better communicate my idea or looking into other avenues of visual communication. Other ways I could find new information is by going to exhibitions to gain further knowledge on ideas that relate to my project, in this way further helping my understanding of art. Seeking out new information will keep my project fresh and give me the chance to explore more, experiment more and finely develop my final ideas for presentation.

My work at the moment lacks conceptual identity, even though its fluid and has continuity, I have yet to define a story or conceptual elements to my work. I intend to tackle this problem by creating storyboards or mind maps of my ideas and thoughts about a story I could portray or tell with my visual imagery. I feel this way I will have a better chance of understanding how to achieve what I want the audience to feel, see or think. I’m hoping to explore new technology by using green screen, blue screen or hopefully something more advance. Exploring this technology will allow me to create more visually exciting videos or imagery, applying more effects that will further enhance my project outcome.  In this theme of ‘Art Vs. Fashion’ or ‘Art in Fashion’, this is appropriate to how technology has advanced art and fashion in both sense and brought new genres to the subject. I can also make comments on how technology has opened doors to new emerging digital artists, creating their own genre of art in the 21st century. We can clearly see how video art has developed and evolved over time with technology, as well as collaborating with other visual artists.

From this project I hope to gain more knowledge about the art world and the fashion industry, developing my understanding of both institutes as separate identities and combined ones too. This will improve my work conceptually understanding how to methodically think through an idea, shoot it, reflect and improve. During this project I intend to learn more about videography and this will improve my level of skill in photography or motion picture, giving me more experience in this field of photography. At the end of this project I intend to submit at least 5 videos, with one of them being the final product that had been improved and tweaked through the year. Including research and development of my ideas about my final major project, including any new directions or additional project through the year.
Each month from the start of my final project, I plan to make at least a test video/photograph and then a re-shoot after evaluation. This will help me with direction, evolution and development of my ideas and final presentation at the end of the year. To be able to fully achieve this outcome the resources I will need will be a Video Camera with Tripod, a studio, and lighting and of course models. Not only this but hopefully help from other designers to collaborate on with ideas, shoots and projects, not forgetting access to academic books, magazines and journals to support my final work and its conceptual standing.


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