As part of my essay research I will begin to look at artists and fashion designers, in this one I am comparing Matthew Barney and Alexander McQueen. Of course I will be looking into who borrowed from who and even if they collaborated together, hopefully this will help me with writing my essay.
Alexander McQueen

Seliger_Platinu_4/19-5h Cremaster_3_Apprentice
Matthew Barney

Looking at it this way you can quite clearly see the similarities and yet the differences between them, some people would argue that McQueen stole from Barney. Whereas some would say he was inspired by him and reinvented in a way the world had not yet seen, making it more on a homage to Matthew. We can clearly see that in this instance that fashion has borrowed from art, outsourcing for its idea.
I found a video online that makes the comparison between the two artists and how they relate to each other obviously in the fashion world and the art world too.


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