Another example of artists borrowing from the art world would be Jay Z and Lady GaGa, a lot of hardcore art followers would argue they are trying to make their work more conceptual and credible in an art context. Some would say that they are using art as a mixed medium to their performance, bring art into a new realm of appreciation and understand, trying to create their own genre of art.

If we take a look at Jay Z’s Picasso Baby for instant, in the art world simply rapping about the artist Picasso doesn’t make you a creditable artist. To make his stamp onto the art scene his rapped for hours as an example of ‘Performance Art’, when who no other then Marina Abramovic, they did a ‘performance’ piece together and try to call it art. Some can appreciate her trying to expand the art world and its understanding of that but some other may see that as her selling out to make money or press attention from it.

Another example we could look at is Lady GaGa, her newest single called ‘Venus’ where she’s singing about Venus Di Milo and of course her latest album titled ‘ArtPop’. Its the idea of pop artist trying to create a new hybrid between music and art, again its that problem of just singing about doesn’t make you a more credible artist. Some people would says its clever word play on the movement Pop Art just re-arranged for sellable reasons, I guess its how you look at it.


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