When it comes to thinking about Essay questions to focus on this year, I have already began to think about how I will approach a subject that will allow me to write 4,000 words. I am still obviously deciding on what avenue to take when it comes to the essay as I have to show my research and show my understanding what is being asked of me. I have tried to chose a subject that will give a lot of scope to work with and help re-fine into a well written 4,000 word research and study, I am exploring Fashion borrowing form the Art world and the art world borrowing from the fashion world. As well as this I am also exploring Artists as fashion icons, art photographers in fashion, exploring all the areas I may find an area that interests me the most that will help me with my FMP idea and Essay research.
I am currently letting my 1:1 with my tutor help me explore ideas and artists to research for my idea and essay, I have began to look at artists recommended to me already. I plan to look at the other artists that have been suggested to me by my tutor, this will hopefully send me in the right direction for my FMP and Essay.


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