“Create habits of mind that extend beyond academics to life experience in general”

Listening back to this lecture really intrigued me,hearing them say this, it does make you curious to think what makes us human and our thoughts. When we create are we creating on what we have learnt academically or on what we learnt from our life experiences, I know of course there is artists that draw on real life situations and turn them on their heads. Turning the mundane into works of amazing art, expressing ourselves does this make us human or is this something we have created?

It does fascinate me its almost like the chicken or the egg theory, curiosity about personality has always intrigued me too, when people say its nature and nurture. Of course from a sociological point of view your thoughts and opinions are a mixture of everything, nature, nurture, life experience and of course media influence. However in these modern times, we can almost create our own identities online, be something different then what is expected or completely change ourselves through this new technology. I think we can be whoever we want to be with access to more information and essentially free internet education, we can form our own opinions, thoughts, tastes and desires without the influence of others or the media.

I personally think people create art from what they feel is natural to them, whether its telling a story, being expressive or something beautiful for the sake of aesthetics. We all have our own opinions on Art and the creation of something including re-appropration pieces, its all appreciated in some way as long as its meaningful, intellectual or creative.


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