We all know that the marketing world when it comes to girls is crazy, theres more and more press on girls to fit into their gender role stereotype. Of course lots of people would say that is it glamourised in the media with skinny celebs and models, I guess that maybe true. However I think there is some responsibility when it comes to big corporations and what they are allowed to put out there, of course theres thousands of mothers outraged by the brats dolls. Which I have used as my example, of course such shows as America’s Next Top Model may not help the situation but at least their attitudes towards models have changed.
It always seem bizarre to me that they are allowed to sexualise children in this way, making them grow up a lot quicker then they need. Which of course is hot topic in the media but it has yet to change or stop these mega brands from exploiting the young and their parents who want their children to fit in. I have no idea how this is changing and shaping tomorrows generation of adults and their line of thinking, I don’t even know if I want to go there, I can’t even imagine.


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