As part of our learning contemporary art photographers, we were asked to attend some exhibitions in London, so we were giving a list of all the artist on show and pick out the ones that interested us the most.
I went to see: Corrine Day, Ana Mendieta, Elmgreen & Dragset.

Corrine Day – This exhibition was a retrospective of her unseen work, its was rather interesting to see, very reminiscent of the 60’s, some images really stuck out to me. We sat down to watch the three small set of films that seemed to also be set in that area, telling a story, it was rather amazing how she had pieced it together to all make sense. I really did enjoy her work but it didn’t inspire me to go and create something, its was more like seeing an unfinished project or pieces of started but not completed ones, very confusing.

Ana Mendieta – I think she has to be the oddest artist I have ever looked at but watching the video about her trying to understand her aesthetic, they called her rock n roll of her time and something unique and sellable. I got the idea of traces and leaving her makes in these areas and traces of her body like the burning video and the video of her smearing her blood on the walls. Ana Mendieta was like a performance artists, like what GaGa would be now and in that sense the two can link today, especially with Mendieta and the way she died. She fell from a balcony but no one knew if her boyfriend pushed her, if you watch the Paparazzi video, you can make the link that way but maybe I’m over analysing everything.

Elmgreen & Dragset – Now this was my ultimate favourite exhibitions because it was about an installation piece rather than photographs, its was fabulous, tis gorgeous manor house with butlers and maids. It was like you were taking a peek inside somebody’s house, you walked down a corridor where you could hear them taking a shower, adding to the atmosphere of the set. It was totally genius this mixture of old and new art, the architecture was just amazing and I think thats what he was meant to be in the story too. I just really loved it, such a great concept a living art work that people can invade, just genius.

Sarah Lucas – WhiteChapel – I think this had to be my most frustrating exhibition to date, I was excited to go because everyone had been going on about how good the WhiteChapel books are, so we thought we’d best give it a go. After we arrived there we were soon disappointed, it was just a collision of art, not even in any sense or oder and for a retrospective you kind of expect that. I mean maybe for the time it was brought out it might have been controversial and shocking but now it seems like its just not needed and we have moved passed this point and we have something new to say. It all seemed about the wrong type of feminism, its was just very confusing and didn’t seem one bit creative or intelligent, just my humble opinion anyway.

I did try and pick-up as many leaflets and information packs about the artists as I could to give me a greater sense of who they were and what other work they have done, this could be something I might look at for Essay research or my own FMP.


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