edward-bawden-peacock-and-magpie Gallabat: Guns Firing on Metemma 1940 by Edward Bawden 1903-1989 01

We were told as artists it is important to consider other artists and wider research into Art & Design as a whole, I agree this is true. Every artist takes inspirations from other forms of art or text, reinterpreting them or reimagining them in some new exciting way. I think some artists get too wrapped up in their own work and don’t work with other artists in their field, I think the best artists are the ones who collaborate.

We can see that Fashion Designers collaborate with Photographers or Art Directors, but we rarely see many other cross disciplines, which is a shame because it could always create something spectacular. Imagine fine artists using a graphic designer drawing pad and making their work digitally and then allowing the graphic designer to work with them infusing both works together, it sounds amazing just thinking about it already.

I think this idea is something great to explore when it comes to thinking about my FMP and how I want it to look and the final pieces of putting together a final portfolio, working with other artists sounds like a great idea to me.


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