When it comes to defining art, of all kinds, sometimes it hard to decide on its meaning. Art in a lot of peoples eyes is very different, hence why the subject is so subjective to criticism, of course looking back through history it was obvious to people what was considered art and what wasn’t.
High art was of course the master paintings by Da Vinci, Picasso, Monet and Bresson,this elitist kind of art only affordable by the super rich, the rest was considered low brow and not real art. It wasn’t until Andy Warhol started to change societies opinions of Low and High art by mixing them together, creating an overall new genre of art.

Since social changes and class system destruction, the art world has exploded with thousands of new artists, especially with the french revolution movement and the advances of modernism. These have changed the very definition of art as we know it, therefore making the subject even broader then before. If we look at an artist such as Philippe Starck we can see how art has changed, he’s created something modern, that people pay through the nose.
philippe_starck_ak47_lamp starckgunsilver imgphilippe-starck2
These pieces of interior design drawn on modernism and how it has changed societies perception of what is cutting edge and leading in design. Using guns and re-appropriating them to be lampshades changes their whole purpose and making them pieces of art in their own way, instead of being associated with violence and death. The lemon squeezer that almost looks alien like in design draws from modernism movies like ‘Metropolis’ and the idea of power, i find it all rather clever re-using these kind of items but in new interesting ways.


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