Self portraits have been the bread and butter of many artists and photographers pretty much since the invention of the cave drawing. Throughout the centuries portraiture has been the most steadfast facet of the art world, from Van Gogh’s directly named Self Portrait Without Beard in the 1880s to Cindy Sherman’s conceptual portraits in the 1980s, and it’s safe to say that the self portrait has never lost its appeal.

Now the self portrait has been hijacked by the nihilistic and vain (so all of us really), with the word ‘selfie’ has even worming its way into the Oxford dictionary. Quite the feat. But while we’re all for a little self expression and the right to pout to your heart’s content (#nofilter for those of you that really look that good), here at Hunger we’d like to find a balance between vanity and art.

With this in mind, we’re on the hunt for the selfie that most creatively expresses the person through the medium of instagram – the King of Selfies if you will. And for any budding photographer, or in fact, model, the prize ain’t half bad either.

So, for your chance to win a portrait shoot with Rankin here at Hunger HQ in London, here are the rules…


Follow @Hungermagazine on Twitter and Hungermagazine on Instagram – we’ll be checking to make sure you’re legit.

My Entry.

Upload your most creative selfie and hashtag it #hungerselfie – no #instaselfie or what not, just #hungerselfie please, let’s not be overzealous.

You can only enter once.

Please keep it clean, we don’t want to see that much self expression, and instagram is not a fan of the nipple…

Deadline for entrees is Monday 25th November 2013 12:00PM GMT with winners being announced a week later.

And now for the good part, THE PRIZE:

Rankin will select the five best selfies.

Those top five will win a portrait photoshoot with Rankin and one signed print from the shoot.

The top 5 runners up will win a signed copy of Rankin’s new Book More.

Good luck.


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